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We can unlock your GSM phone to work with any carrier, see one of our experienced techs to learn more about your phone.

All GSM cell phones are originally manufactured unlocked and can be used with any SIM card from any cellphone service provider. However most cell phone service providers in the US electronically ‘lock’ the phone because they susbsidize the high cost of the handset upfront and therefore feel it is fair to force customers to use and pay for their service until they recoup their initial investment in the customer.


As deemed by the US congress and Senate, unlocking your phone is legal; President Obama signed the “Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act” (S.517) into law. Customers should have the freedom to choose from the available options of different services or plans for what best meets their individual needs.

Although unlocking your phone is not a criminal matter, service providers have customers sign a contract that commits the customer to only using the carrier, otherwise the carrier can void “carrier phone warranty” on the device they subsidized (however, most phones come with a 1 yr Manufacturer warranty on defects). That is why it is important to have your phone unlocked safely: at MEGA MOBILE we have the experience and knowledge to choose the best and safest method to unlock your phone and allow you the freedom to choose the plan that best fits you.


Phone manufacturers design phones so that they can be unlocked and used by mass market.  However, not all methods of unlocking devices are recommended or safe; some methods can outright damage your phone and some are unable to keep the integrity of the phone settings as the manufacturers intended. At MEGA MOBILE, our skilled technicians will select the best and safest method to unlock your device without damage.


At MEGA MOBILE we only unlock GSM phones, which are phones that use or accept SIM Cards. We do not unlock CDMA technology phones such as Verizon, Sprint, Roger, Alcatel. 


Change your service provider as desired

The benefit of purchasing a factory unlocked phone, or having a carrier phone unlocked is the ability to freely choose and change your cell phone service provider as desired. In the US carriers have the ability to “lock” the cell phones of consumers to their service for the period of a contract. Unlocking and Factory unlocked phones allow users the option to change service providers by simply changing to a different SIM card with service from an alternative provider.

Avoid Roaming Charges During Travel

It is recommended for people who travel frequently to use unlocked cell phones, which will allow them the ability to swap their SIM card while traveling. Most cell phone providers charge international roaming fees if the cell phone is used outside the contract country. Therefore, to avoid high roaming charges, it is best to purchase a local prepaid SIM from the country of travel and pay local rates. Using an unlocked phone also allows users access to the information contained in their cell phone, Xt_Blog (muellerparks4.xtgem.Com) such as contact details and personal information without having to switch this information from one phone to another.

Freedom from Contracts

Using an unlocked phone allows consumers the freedom to change their provider at will and not be charged penalties or early termination fees for contracts.

Save Money

In most instances, consumers receive a discounted rate on their cell phone in exchange for signing or extending a contract term; however the consumer usually ends up paying back these discounts on the handset over the extent of the contract term. Factory unlocked phones, may cost more upfront for the handset, but over the average term of a contract the consumer ends up saving money with unlocked phones from access to better rates, especially on data and text.

Factory Unlocked Phones are more valuable

Manufacturers make their phones to appeal to consumers with the latest and greatest in technology and software; whereas carriers in most instances will ask the manufacturer to create a cheaper version of their popular phones to offer their customers. In addition, carrier phones come with software restrictions. It is easier to resell unlocked phones because there are no restrictions and anyone can use the phone immediately.

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